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-If you are interested in a property, please drive by and approve the exterior and the area, then be in touch for a showing. Please do not disturb the existing tenants.

-If you want to sign the property you have toured, ask to set an appointment.

-The property will be reserved for you starting 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

-We will email you applications to fill out ahead of time, which you can bring to signing

-You will need to bring the first months rent to the signing in a money order or bank check.

-You then have up to 10 days to pay the security deposit, also in money order or bank check.

-Security Deposit is a refundable amount, the same as a months rent, to cover damages, and

any fees that may accrue.

-In many cases a CoGuarantor Form will need to be signed (Some call this a Parental

Guarantor Form.)

-Once the lease term starts rent can be paid in personal check, money order, or bank check. Please no cash.

-One year leases are welcomed. We do not offer leases of lesser duration. Most leases start August 1st at noon and end July 25th at noon. There are some exceptions.

-You can sign a place even if you do not have your whole group available. As they become available they can sign. (Example: One person signed a three bedroom so as not to lose it, then she found her housemates.)

-We allow pets in most of our places. We do have some breed restrictions though.  Fee for dog is $150, a cat is $100.

-Due to liability reasons, the famed Chupacabra, or Latin American Goat Sucker, are not allowed on the premises, although I am sure some are quite sweet.

-We give our existing tenants preference at renewal time, especially those that have been good communicators.

-If you have any maintenance issues, just be in touch and we will begin to address them. We get good reviews for responsiveness. We WANT you to let us know when something needs attention.

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