552 PULASKI ST. UNITS 1, 2 & 3

Available Fall 2020!!  This building has three units:  a 4 bedroom unit, a 3 bedroom unit, and a 2 bedroom unit, and will be rented out to the same or related parties. All units are currently available, and pass-thru doors can be added between units, if you so choose.  Total bathroom count is 5.   The total price is $3950 for the whole building, to fit 9 people comfortably, WHAT A BARGAIN!!  So just to be on the same page but not to beat a dead horse:  All three units together have 9 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and all will be rented to a group that all know each other.   So if you have enough peeps to rent the whole building, let us hear from you!!!!! FOR RENTAL INFORMATION PLEASE CALL: (706) 215-4496 Thanks!

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For Rental Information Please Call: (706) 215-4496